Rocks on the Beach - acrylic painting

This seascape is a 40 cm x 40 cm textured acrylic painting.
I began with an underpainting, not too dark in value.
For the rocks and waves I mixed thick heavy gel matte to pure paint.
Seascape with rocks along the shore

After the underpainting dried, I used a palette knife to spread the heavy gel matte over the rocks’ and waves’ surfaces.
While it was wet, I formed the texture lines with the edge and point of a palette knife. After drying, I applied several layers of thin glaze for the ditches and crevices, highlights and shadows.
Here is a close up of the rocks' texture
I painted this painting after the great artist, Julie Duell’s tutorial, with the artist’s permission. I am very grateful for her help.
I created my own 3D texture of acrylic gel.

At the lake - Original oil painting

This summer landscape is an imaginary lake scene, a peaceful place I'd like to be.
The triptych consists of three paintings, 20cm x 28cm each canvas.
summer scene near a lake-oil paintingTriptych - 60 cm x 28 cm - oil on canvas

Forest scene painting - autumn landscape oil painting

Autumn forest scene painting.
The bright autumn colors, the golden autumn leaves are the inspiring force for this oil painting .
Autumn forest scene - oil paintingForest path - 42.5 cm x 33 cm - Oil on board

Wildflowers - oil painting

Still life painting of a small bouquet of wildflowers in a vase.
still life with meadow flowers in a vase-oil painting
14 cm x 18 cm - Oil on board

Still life with sunflowers-meadow flowers - oil painting

Still life with three sunflowers, daisies, poppies and other wild flowers in a vase.
Such a bouquet on the table can fill the surrounding atmosphere with joy.
still life with colorful flowers in a vase-oil painting

37cm x 27.5 cm - Oil on board

Hollyhock flower - original acrylic painting

Red hollyhock flower against a background of leaves.
The inspiration for this acrylic painting came from one of my photos about the ancient hollyhock, the marvel of the gardens that blooms all summer.
red hollyhock flower-acrylic painting30cm x 30cm - Acrylic painting on canvas

Lilacs and Strawberries - Still life

When I begin to paint I want to see it ready as soon as possible, so I don’t make sketches or planning. I probably consider it as making great mistake.
At the beginning, I didn’t know exactly what I want to paint so I added the elements “on the go”.
I used a painting knife to apply the thick oil paint for the flowers’ texture.

After waiting a few weeks  for the paint to dry, I applied layers of glaze for shadows and lights. Oil painting - still life with lilacs and strawberries on a table
Still life with lilacs and strawberries
17cm x 25 cm - original oil painting

White narcissus daffodil - original oil painting

White daffodil flower, this elegant and graceful spring flower is a perfect subject for a painting.
It is quite a challenge for me to paint the graceful petals and the colorful central trumpet.
Here is my white daffodil close-up painting.
white narcissus flower-oil painting 30 cm x30 cm - Oil painting on canvas.

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