Copper bracelets at artizan fair

Beautiful decorative artworks are at display at the craftsmen fair in my town this week.
Copper bracelets
Handcrafted jewelry, hand carved glass objects, embroidered folk costumes, everyday wooden objects and utensils, woven baskets in a large variety are brought to us by skilled artisans.

I like these fairs not just for the visual pleasure they offer but for the opportunity to meet and chat with new artists.

Copper wire bracelets
This handcrafted  bracelet is made entirely from copper wire.
In many cultures, traditional medicine ascribes healing properties to copper. Copper bracelets are sometimes considered helpful for arthritis and for heart and liver conditions.
I took a picture of the artist,  Hadaruga Mihai Florin, as he demonstrates how the copper wire is forged into an attractive design and the pieces of the copper bracelet are assembled with a hammer.
Forging copper wire bracelets Hand carved glass objects

He has beautiful hand carved glass objects as well. Have a look at his paintings and murals on his website.

Happy Easter 2013!

On this holiest of all holidays
Celebrate this beautiful season with all your dear ones,
Share a hug, give happiness to the people around,
And may you find peace, joy and love.

Happy Eater!

Easter card with Easter eggs and tulips.


Easter bunnies and chick - coloring pages

Bunnies and chick are traditional Easter symbols. Boost the Easter spirit with fun family craft activities!

Print out these Easter egg images and have fun coloring them.
Encourage your child's imagination, develop their self-expression by drawing and using color.

Click on any image to go to the coloring page for download.

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Easter egg with flower petals - coloring page

Here is another coloring page, an Easter egg with flower petals.

Print out this very easy coloring sheet template and have fun coloring it.

To download the coloring page, click on the download link bellow. Please, read the terms of use.
Easter egg with flower petals - printable coloring page DOWNLOAD & Terms of use:.


Easter egg with three flowers - coloring page

An Easter egg with three flowers, a fun coloring page for children to print out and color with crayons.
This is a very easy template to use for kids and family activity crafts , for home made gifts and cards.
Print out the coloring sheet and have fun coloring it.

To download the coloring page, click on the download link under the image. Please, read the terms of use. Easter egg with daisies - printable coloring page 6
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