Rocks on the Beach - acrylic painting

This seascape is a 40 cm x 40 cm textured acrylic painting.
I began with an underpainting, not too dark in value.
For the rocks and waves I mixed thick heavy gel matte to pure paint.
Seascape with rocks along the shore

After the underpainting dried, I used a palette knife to spread the heavy gel matte over the rocks’ and waves’ surfaces.
While it was wet, I formed the texture lines with the edge and point of a palette knife. After drying, I applied several layers of thin glaze for the ditches and crevices, highlights and shadows.
Here is a close up of the rocks' texture
I painted this painting after the great artist, Julie Duell’s tutorial, with the artist’s permission. I am very grateful for her help.
I created my own 3D texture of acrylic gel.


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