Man portrait - pencil sketch

Have a nice day - pencil portrait drawing

When sketching or drawing a portrait from life you have to find the most prominent characteristic features of the face you are drawing. Everyone has a unique face.
As for the rules, I have just one - the most important thing when drawing a portrait is the face expression, the feelings we try to express through our sketches and drawings.
Man raising his hat-pencil drawing
Some proportions of the head are generally common to all faces and need to be right in a portrait.
For drawing realistic heads from your imagination you have to pay attention these proportions.
Many tutorials advise you to start drawing a portrait from the main parts (face oval, the eye line, the mouth, etc.), and slowly move into details.
Others, to start from the eyes, as they are the most expressive on a face.
Very often, the nose is the most characteristic feature of a face.
Observing each individual model we can make adjustments in portraits we draw.
Here is my tutorial about human face drawing - face proportions.
Here are some short video tutorials about face proportions:


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