Crystal reflections-acrylic painting

I painted this painting in acrylic, building each layer gradually.
I worked on several areas at a time while leaving the paint to dry before applying a new glaze.
I used a gloss varnish to add shine and to protect the painting from harmful UV rays and dust.
tulip and crystal vase reflecting on the table 12 x 10 inches - acrylic painting

The great artist Lorraine Vatcher shares a step by step tutorial, where she explains how to use and control acrylic paint to have the same intensity of color as that of oil paints.

Flowers in a Jar - Pastel painting

Pastels are a fast way to sketch and plan future oil and acrylic paintings.
Here is a small pastel study on paper, exercise for flower and glass painting.
flowers in a jar-enlarged pastel painting

30 cm x 20 cm - Pastel on Paper

You can see some more pastels at my webpage.

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