How to draw a rose in five steps-drawing lesson

Let's draw a beautiful rose in five easy steps!
Using my sketches, in this drawing lesson you can draw a beautiful rose in five easy steps.
Beautiful rose-pencil drawingYou can draw a rose in many ways; this is only one way and you can see the result in the this picture.
To create this drawing I used this red rose photo.
Beautiful red rose-reference photo It is not a good one but at least it is a simple rose.
Materials: supposing this is an exercise, you can use whatever paper you have at home.
Use a soft graphite pencil or colored pencils and keep handy an eraser.

For my rose drawing I used simple computer paper.

Draw a rose in five steps-step 1Let's start!

Draw a rose in five steps:

Start in the central part of the paper to be sure your rose fits in the page!
Step 1:
-draw a simple tulip like form, just as you see on the picture,

Step 2:
- outline the inner petals adding them to the tulip form,
- in the detailed drawing I outlined with red this part.

Draw a rose in five steps-step 5step 2-details
Draw a rose in five steps-step 3Step 3:
- add the outer petals, (the contour of the rose). You can start from the green point to outline the petals, to the right or to the left, you choose.
Now here is a chance to exercise blind contour drawing. If you wish to try, put your pencil at the green point, observe and follow the line direction with your eyes and in the same time draw it with the pencil, without lifting it from the paper. Don't look at the paper till you are done and don't push the pencil, so you can erase the line if you don't like it.
It must not be the same as in my sketch. Roses are all different, still beautiful.
This way we complete the drawing from inside to outside. If you wish to draw the rose from outside to inside than complete step 3 first and than step 2. The result is the same.
Draw a rose in five steps-step 4Step 4:
- lightly mark the inflection line of the petals, the line from where the petals bend, (1) and erase the unnecessary part of the tulip form.
Step 5:
- outline the stem an the sepals.
That's it, your rose drawing is ready.
Yes, I know, it is not ready yet; you have to shade it or to color it.
Draw a rose in five steps-step 5
Shading can be done in many ways but this includes some more steps.
I've already exceeded the size of this post so I'll talk about shading in my next post, soon, I promise.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
If you have any questions concerning this drawing lesson, just ask in the comment box.

Lesson about shading the rose is ready.


SquirrelQueen said...

I really enjoyed your tutorial, the steps are easy to follow. I haven't drawn anything in a long time but I have so many rose photos to use as models maybe I will give it a try.

I love the details in the finished drawing.


catcent said...

Magnifique, merci pour cette leçon, le départ est toujours important. bye maia

Krista said...

Your paintings are lovey! I especially love the geraniums.

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