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Portrait of a young girl-pencil sketch 1 closeup
As I said in my previous post, I am not very good at drawing; that's why I write about how to learn to draw.

Once upon a time I thought that teaching is an easier job for a woman than engineering, so I obtained a teaching certificate and I found myself teaching in a vocational school.
To be prepared for the students onslaught of questions, you feel compelled to give them the best you can or else, you can lose their respect forever.

Portrait of a young girl-pencil sketch 1I must confess, I hated it but it was a continuous learning for me too.
After seven years of teaching I’ve come to realize one abiding truth: the best way to learn is to teach.

At the left, these are some of my doodles. Most of them are made at work, on common computer paper, during a boring meeting, waiting for someone and similar waste of time.
Here are some of my drawing tutorials:
• How to draw a rose in five steps.
• Human face drawing - face proportions.
Man portrait-pencil sketchPortrait of a young girl-pencil sketch 2
According to a study published by Applied Cognitive Psychology, doodling helps a person's memory significantly (as I have found out at Wikipedia).


Viola said...

Hi! Such wonderful paintings you have drawn! The girl looks so alive! I love it! :)

Meda said...

Wow! You call that doodling?

L. ROSS said...

You can definitely draw ! The bottom photo on the right of the woman looking out of the picture is hauntingly beautiful.

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