Thoughts about learning to draw - pencil drawings

Natural talent for drawing is a wonderful gift if someone is that lucky.
If not, drawing skills can be learned by anyone to a certain extent.
Being a civil engineer I have been drawing technical stuff for many year now.
Shinny coffee pot-pencil drawing
Even if I know the basic principles, creating artistic drawings is not so easy.
As long as in engineering logics and details are of great importance, as an artist you have to do the opposite.
Just let go of any pre-conceived notions and simplify, even if logically it does not make sense! Not to put every little detail in a drawing or any artwork is the most difficult thing to do for a tech-minded person.

Single rose-pencil drawingOn the left side of the page you can see some of my drawings.
For someone who knows nothing about drawing it is much more easier to learn, starting from scratch.
If you're just starting out it is a good idea to take some drawing courses and also to read as much as you can from the numerous online drawing lesson.
Be aware that nobody and nothing (not even your carrier) can determine you to learn to draw if you don't wish it with all your heart.

Strawberries on a plate-pencil drawingSo, why not learn to draw on your own!
All you need is a pencil, a piece of paper and the most important: interest, dedication and much much exercise.
Here are some great online resources for learning:
• Learn how to draw a rose in five easy steps.
• Learn to draw online.
• Drawing and Sketching - Resources for Artists
• Andrew-Loomis-Fun-With-a-Pencil

Apples in a bowl-pencil drawing
And now that you have the resources, you may not have the time to exercise.

There is a very interesting technique to exercise in just a few seconds, I shall tell you about it in a future post.


Apple said...

I like your art. Thank you for following my blog.

Leah said...

great post and beautiful drawings, maia! i agree, you do have to let go of a certain amount of logic in making art. but it's great fun to do that! :-)

KerryGee said...

Maia, I love your drawing style!

There is nothing more satisfying than teaching yourself to draw. It opens up a new world. It's very addictive, too!

gatheringwonder said...

really great line work!

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