Still life with coffee cup and drapery - pastel

Drawing or painting drapery, whether it is table cloths, cascading cloth or just a napkin, can be one of the most beautiful subjects in art.
Though to draw convincing drapery and realistically represent the folds needs a lot of exercise.
Here is one of my doodles, a still life with drapery in pastel.Still life with drapery,a coffee cup and a vaseStill life - drapery study in pastel-50cm x 70cm


SquirrelQueen said...

Very nice, I love the soft color of the drapery. Good composition.

Meda said...

I specially like how you managed to represent the vase. Looks real!

LV said...

This is one truly great piece of art. You are really one talented lady. Very well done.

Photohobbyist2012 said...

What beautiful pastel paintings. It is a favourite medium of mine, although I also paint in oils. Your still lifes are excellent.

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