Icons-painting Sacred art

For almost 2000 years the Christian icons have always been the objects of prayer and contemplation for believers.
Interest is growing for this Sacred art form, not only for its aesthetic and artistic qualities, but for its profound spirituality.

Virgin Mary icon

The pictorial representations of Biblical scenes from the life of Jesus Christ, historical events in the life of the Church, and portraits of the saints, icons are not merely pictures used to decorate walls, but also "windows to Heaven" embracing a mystical beauty of faith, love and well-being.

Though, not so long ago the art of icon painting (icon writing is the correct term) served the needs of churches and religious people, in the present days icons are also valued as decorative elements.

Virgin Mary-icon detail

In this post I want to present Mircea Vladimir Bodea, a very talented

contemporary Romanian iconographer's Orthodox Sacred art.

You can see a sample of his works in these pictures and some details too.
Virgin Mary-icon

He developed his own style, a special technique of icon painting by creating a texture based on eggshells.
He applies with great skill pieces of eggshell onto durable wood as a base for painting.
All his works are hand painted and varnished.

A particular spiritual importance is given to the gilding achieved by gold leaves in either oil and water based gilding applications.
The background of the icon for an iconographer is "Light", sign of the Divine Grace that illuminates the world.

Virgin Mary-icon detail

The gilded lines on the dresses and on the objects suggest the beneficent energies they reflect.

Mircea Vladimir Bodea's has painted over 300 icons admired all around the world.
You can see some more of his icons by visiting his website.


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Very beautiful! I am glad I noticed that you have two blogs!

Saz said...

interesting l recently attended an angel icon workshop and wrote my own icon, on gesso with tempera, love dit and blogged about it, if oyu care to visit anytime and see my own icon.

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