Art tutorials

Color theory

Visisble spectrum
How do we see color
Color effect, color impressions to the human eye, perception of different wavelengths of colors, the visible spectrum.
Color wheel
The color wheel
The color wheel, a necessary tool for creating harmonious color schemes; primary, secondary and tertiary colors.
Color properties
Color properties: hue, value, tint, shade, chroma.
Color models
Color theory lesson about RBG-CMYK-RYB Color models.

Drawing lessons

Face proportions
Human face drawing - face proportions
Learn the basics about the proportions of the human face.
Portrait drawing
Video tutorials about face proportion and portrait drawing.
Learn to draw a rose
How to draw a rose in five steps-drawing lesson
Learn to draw a rose in five easy steps.
Shading the rose - rose drawing part 2
Learn to shade the rose step by step

Acrylic painting - tutorials

Wet palette for acrylics
Wet palette for acrylics-cheap solutions
How to make a "stay-wet palette" for acrylics with no costs. Home made moisture-retaining palette, cheap and easy.
acrylic paint
How to keep acrylics soft
Painting tips for beginners, how to keep acrylic paint soft for a longer period of time and to improve the flow of acrylic paint.
Step by step acrylic painting tutorial
Acrylic Painting Demonstration
Step by step acrylic painting tutorial, winter scene painting with the talented painter Lorraine Vatcher.

Oil painting - tutorials

rose painting
How to paint flowers - video tutorials
Great painting technique - Youtube video tutorials on painting flowers.

Coloring pages - Easter egg painting

Easter eggs with bunny-Easter egg painting Easter egg decorating-egg painting models
Happy Easter bunny with Easter eggs-coloring page
Easter egg with flowers-coloring page
Easter chick with hat and Easter eggs - coloring sheet for kids
Easter egg-coloring page for kids- egg painting model
Easter bunny-coloring page
Two Easter eggs-coloring page
Easter egg with floral motifs-coloring page
Hand painted Easter eggs - Easter wetting

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